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Frequently Asked Questions


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Q.  Will my Corian cutting board absorb bacteria?

A.  No, Corian is totally non-porous and will absorb nothing.

Q.  Should I put my Corian cutting board in the dishwasher?

A.  You can put your cutting board in the dishwasher, however, the rubber feet may come off
due to the heat of drying.  Also, it really isn't necessary to wash your board in the dishwasher       because of its non-bacterial properties.

Q.  How do I sanitize my Corian cutting board?

A.  All you need to do is wash your Corian cutting board with soap and water.  You may choose to    use a bleaching cleaner such as "Clorox Clean-up" or "Soft Scrub" cleanser.

Q.  Will my Corian cutting board stain?

A.  No!  Because Corian is non-porous, even if you get a stubborn spot on it that will not come off with soap and water, you can easily remove it with "Clorox Clean-up".

Q.  Will my Corian cutting board show marks with use?

A.  Yes, as with any surface you may notice small scratches (especially on dark colors) however Corian is totally renewable and small scratches can be removed using "Soft Scrub" cleanser and a "Scotch-Brite" pad.  For more stubborn marks you can use a high grit (220-320) sandpaper followed by fine (0000) steel wool to restore the finish. ALSO to preserve the beautiful "look" of your board, simply rub in a small amount of non-stick cooking spray (like "Pam")!

Q.  Will my Corian cutting board become lighter in the middle with use like my old wood cutting board did?

A.  No, the color of Corian goes all of the way through the material and will not go light in the middle (or anywhere else) with use.

Q.  Will my Corian cutting board break?

A.  As with any material, dropping the cutting board may break it, HOWEVER, it would have to be dropped very hard and catch a corner for this to occur. As with all cutting boards, care must be used, and if you do drop your cutting board, get your toes out of harm's way!

Q.  Can I place a hot pot or casserole dish on my Corian cutting board?

A.  Corian will withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees with absolutely no ill-effects.  Higher temperatures may (but not necessarily) "scorch" the surface -- of course then it can be restored with sanding as explained above.

Q. Will my Corian cutting board withstand cold temperatures?

A. Absolutely!  Many people purchase larger boards for use as a pastry board.  When placed in the refrigerator to chill, this material will stay cold for quite a while, making it an excellent alternative to marble!

Q.  What about my expensive knives?  Will the surface of my Corian cutting board damage them?

A.  Absolutely NOT!  One of the properties of this material is that it is much easier on knives than other surfaces such as wood or plastic.   You will actually find that your knives will need to be sharpened much LESS than you are accustomed to!

Q.  I had my Corian counter top installed 2 years ago -- will my new Corian cutting board match
my counter?

A.  As with all man made material, dye lots will change, however, our experience has been that
the colors are so close that you will not be able to see any difference between your counter and
your new cutting board.

Q.  On your web site, you offer 3 basic sizes of Corian cutting boards -  10x12, 11x14, and 12x16.  I would like a 16x20 or larger - is this possible?

A. Yes, in most colors, we can do larger cutting boards, just go to the custom order page and
ask for the size and color you would like and we will e-mail you with the availability & price -- also an appropriate link will be provided which will take you to a page for payment.


Q.  I want to get a surface-mounted paper towel holder but I'd like the post to be in a different color than the holder itself (to match with my 2-color scheme).  Is this possible?

A. Yes, certainly!  Just place your order for the main color, and when you go to check out there is a message box where you can specify that you want a different color post and tell us what color it should be.

Q.  Are the posts for your paper towel holders solid Corian?

A. Yes, both styles are made entirely of solid Corian.

Q. I would like to purchase a Corian accessory which you don't have available on your site.  Is it possible to get it anyway?

A.  Always feel free to e-mail us or submit your request on our "Custom Corian Cutting Board Request Form" page.  Many of our products are available because of a special request by someone like you!  We are always open to new ideas & try to accommodate special requests as much as possible.

Q.  I see that you say some things are "coming soon" -- when should I expect to see them?

A.  We don't have an exact time-table for creating a new product because we have to "fit it in" with our time schedule filling current orders.  However, if you are especially anxious to see a new product available, please e-mail us with this request & we will move it ahead of other "in-the-works" products.

Q.  I want to mount my paper towel holder with screws -- Is there another way to mount this underneath my cabinet so that the screws don't show at all?

A.  Yes, when ordering, choose the "no holes" option.  Get four 8-32 x 1-1/2" screws from your hardware store.  Use the mounting base as a template & drill 4 holes in the bottom of your cabinet.  Drop the (1-1/2") screws through the holes from the inside, place the base over the screws & screw into the 2 projections.  Now you have a securely held paper towel holder with no screws showing!


Q.  Can I really expect my order to be shipped on time?

A.   Absolutely!  We totally guarantee shipment within 10 business days.   Usually you will find your order shipped much sooner! 

Q.  If I send you an e-mail or submit your request form, how quickly can I expect a reply?

A.  You will USUALLY receive a reply within a few hours, OFTEN almost immediately, and ALWAYS within 24 hours.

Q.  What is your Privacy Policy?

A.  Absolutely no personal or personally identifying information including e-mail addresses will EVER be shared, sold, or otherwise transferred to any other entity -- GUARANTEED!.

Q.  What is your Return Policy?

A.  For complete return policy please see our "ordering information" page Here.

Q.  I tried sanding my Corian with 800 grit paper but it just left a dull spot.  I would like to restore it to it's original shiny look.  I was told I'd have to hire someone for about $400.  Any suggestions? 

A.  You need to use a rotary sander & increase the grit incrementally clear up to 2500 grit paper.  If you want a higher gloss, finish by hand using 0000 steel wool.  Extra tip:  for maintaining high gloss, simply spray the surface very lightly with "Pam" or a similar non-stick cooking spray and wipe thoroughly until all oily residue is gone (this is not only less expensive than chemical products but perfectly safe for food preparation surfaces,  and works just as well).

Q.  Do you ever send promotional e-mails?  I haven't gotten any! 

A.  We send an e-mail such as this ONLY 2-3 times per year (at most).  In this mailing we tell about new products and offer a discount to our previous customers (we never send to people who haven't already ordered from us).  If you do not wish to receive ANY mailings, simply let us know.  However, if you WANT to receive these notifications, be sure you have added us to your "approved" list.  Some servers (especially AOL) will reject our mailings unless you have already added us!  Also, if you do want to hear from us and change your e-mail address, drop us a note to let us know.