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Corian Soap Dispenser

Corian Lotion Soap Dispenser! 

Another requested item has been created! One piece, virtually seamless exterior Soap or Lotion Dispenser looks great in the kitchen or bathroom!  Exterior dimensions are approx. 2.75" x 2.75" x 8" tall (including pump).  Polished & rounded as usual. Just choose your preferred colors from the drop-down menus.

$45.00 each

Color: Pump Color:                                                                                                                


Corian Paper Towel Holder

Corian Paper Towel Holder! 

Many have asked about this item and now here it is!  Base is a rounded octagon, 6" x 6" with a 12.5" solid 1" Corian spindle to hold a any roll of paper towels.  All edges are rounded & polished, and this comes with rubber feet to prevent slipping & protect counter or furniture. Just choose your preferred color from the drop-down menu below!

 $30.00 each



Corian Surface Mounted Paper Towel Holder

Corian Surface Mounted Paper Towel Holder! 

For those of you who want to get your paper towels off of the counter, we now offer a surface-mount unit!  Over-all measurements are 13.5" x 3.5" x 6" with a solid 1" Corian spindle to easily accommodate any roll of paper towels.  Of course, all edges are rounded & polished.  This can be mounted on your wall or under the cabinet. Mounting method is up to you.  It can be glued (2 part epoxy recommended), or screw-mounted.  If you want pre-drilled holes for screw-mounting, select that option below. Choose your preferred color from the drop-down menu!
(For under-cabinet mounting suggestion click HERE)

$50.00 each

Color:  Style:                                                                

Corian Napkin Holder

Corian Napkin Holder!

Coordinate or mix and match to suit your kitchen color scheme! Polished surface & rounded edges make for the ultimate in modern decor.  Comes with rubber feet &  measures 6" wide x 5" tall x approx. 2-5/8" deep (1-5/8" space) to accommodate most standard sized dinner napkins. Choose your color from the drop-down menu below.

$30.00 each


Corian Spoon Rests


Corian Spoon Rest!

Perfect to keep those stove-top messes under control! Our spoon rest has recessed grooves to trap the liquid from your utensils between stirrings! Easy to clean and matches your kitchen color scheme, spoon-shape is 10" x 2-3/8",  bell-shape is 10.25" x 4.25" (great for larger spoons, ladles, & spatulas), recessed oval is 2-5/8" x 3-3/8" and great if you want your rest to take up less room but still keep those drips contained! Polished surface & rounded edges make these a beautiful addition to your kitchen decor.  Choose your color & style from the drop-down menu below!

Color: Style:



Corian Coasters


Set of 4 Corian Coasters!

They are 4" square, 1/2" thick, with polished surface, rounded edges, felt insets to absorb moisture, & rubber feet to protect furniture. Corian is NON-POROUS so it is important to have a moisture-absorbing surface on which to place your glass (otherwise you end up dripping liquid all over when you pick up the glass, or worse - the coaster sticks to the glass and drops)!  We make these in just about any color you wish -- to match your cutting board or decor!  Just use the drop-down menus below to select your preferred color choices.    $50.00 per set                                    

Color: Inset:     

Corian Utensil Holder

Corian Utensil Holder! 

One piece, virtually seamless exterior Utensil Holder to match your decor and keep your cooking utensils handy & neat!  Exterior dimensions are approx. 4"x 4"x 6" tall, with polished surface & rounded edges.  Just choose your preferred color from the drop-down menu.

$45.00 each


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